Young Women (specifically Andrea and Cricel), here you will post your answers to the daily questionnaire. The CHAPTER OF THE DAY TEST will be posted in this page. Please click the link to begin.You can comment here to send your answers or send them on Facebook messages. Deadline of answers is the day after you have read the chapter or earlier.

Why are we doing this? This is to help you accomplish the hardest     project in PP, which is virtue. You need to finish reading the Book of Mormon in order to receive your medallion. So we are going to help you by giving you fun and easy tests to answer that will evaluate how much you have understood from the chapter.

Don't forget our scripture reading motto: I HAVE READ MY         SCRIPTURES EVERYDAY DURING 2012. Have fun reading and keep on answering! Good luck!

To view past assignments, view the Past Chapters Column at the right side of the screen.

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